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A bit about how this mission got started.

Hi! My name is Max West. I'm a 71 year old Christian man, who by the grace of God was for a lack of a better word "chastised" and woke up to the times I am living in with the need to reach every home with the "Good News". I honestly thought my place would be to volunteer to clean the church toilets but no doors opened up for me in that line of work. With great joy and some laughter I am recalling my utter amazement that instead my Father and Lord gave me a new heart, a clear conscience and put a upright spirit within me. Then he put a clean white robe on me to cover my "nakedness", shoes on my feet to walk and work and the family ring on my finger to wear and speak His Name, then sent me out into my community to plant seed for His coming harvest. What a wonderful loving Savior and Father we have. They take their enemies and foolish children and make them sons and servants in their Eternal Kingdom!

I found I was called and challenged to not be afraid to step out. I understood it would be one step at a time, like stepping off the land and out onto a pond. After each step I would see the next stone to step too. So, I stepped out in faith, one step at a time, about 2 years ago, at the direction of our Lord to witness to Him to the towns and rural areas near my home and church. After having completed numerous gospel postcard evangelism EDDM mailings I realized the Gospel distribution reach had grown to almost 160,000 homes within about a 100 by 45 mile area. I did not know that was possible starting out. And in just two years! It was one step at a time. Our LORD does amazing things when He leads, we follow and His Word and Spirit makes things happen. Every good thing is from His love, mercy, grace and plan for our life.

Other doors opened along the way. Church Street Reach events, gospel tracks to pass out, and LivingWaters.com evangelism school. Then Doorknob Evangelism just came together by His will and resources, walking out gospel booklets with tracts and hanging them on the doorknobs of all the homes that can be reached in the communities around me. Almost 10,000 homes now and growing. Resources flowed to me as needed. Free quality faux leather cover gospels printed on bible quality paper to pass out door to door and everywhere. These are very hard for folks to refuse and throw away. I've seen them look them over real good, read a bit and take them right into the home. Plus quality well written and street proven tracts. This is His Kingdom, His work and He is the Head of His Body which is His "church" so He does the most amazing things. Like Paul said "beyond what we can imagine". I (we) are just the hands and feet that walk and mail His "Good News" out to the people! He wants our bodies to go to work in the Kingdom ... that's our "spiritual service of worship" and the seal of our faith through obedience to His Spirit and Word. This is just the beginning, what will He do next? I shared the above in the hope that it's an acceptable offering of praise to Him, that the fruit of my lips have brought glory to His Name.

A bit about how this is funded and is growing.

This site is for a group of self funded Christian volunteers who teach and help other Christian brothers and sisters how to reach their local communities through EDDM gospel postcard evangelism with the "Good News of Jesus Christ", the Son of God, the Savior of all who believe, and the King of His Father's Kingdom, both in heaven and on earth. We rejoice that He is being proclaimed in ever widening circles throughout the USA.

Do you sense the same calling? Come join us in the coming harvest as seed planters because "every farmer knows unless you plant the seed you will never have a harvest" ... we can pray over the seed in the bag all we want but it ain't never going to grow a thing until we do the labor it takes to sow it into the ground. In that same parable we too are the seed that needs to fall in the ground and die so we can bear much fruit. This fruit is eternal. Much of it we will never know about till we get there. This is a faith ministry. We believe His promises and seek the heavenly reward yet we never deserved a thing.

We have purposely not placed our mailing address on this website so that well meaning persons DO NOT SEND US DONATIONS. We never solicit funding. We accept NO funds. We receive NO commissions, payments, incentives or fees from the production resources listed on this website. We are 100% volunteers who are self-funded by our own income. If anyone claims to solicit funds from you in our name or a similar name they are not sanctioned by us to do so.

The purpose of our website is to teach you how you can self fund your own Gospel postcard evangelism ministry. We prefer to teach you how you can use your own head, heart, hands, feet and resources in His Kingdom's work right where you are planted in your own community.

Each step of faith and obedience you take will mature and strengthen you. You will grow in your perseverance, understanding, knowledge, skill sets and "bold" witness to our Lord Jesus Christ. New wider doors of opportunity will open up to you to serve Him more and more. This is scriptural and this is the way of our Lord who is "head over everything for the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all". Ephesians 1:10-11

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