Step 7: How to drop off your EDDM order at the post office | Gospel Postcard EvangelismStep 7: How to drop off your EDDM order at the post office | Gospel Postcard Evangelism

Step 7: How to drop off your EDDM order at the post office

Here's how to drop off your bundles at the Post Office.

This is why I like EDDM retail. It's so simple and easy to do. You can do it yourself and you KNOW that the correct amount went to the correct post office in the correct format. No middle man mistakes, costs or hassles.

1. Take all the bundled stacks and the order paperwork to the correct Post Office location that is marked on your EDDM order paperwork. Note: If you are in a larger metro area or have multiple smaller towns you are mailing too you may have multiple Post Offices to drop off at. This will be made very clear as you place the order on the EDDM USPS website and on the order paperwork you printed out along with the face sheets you printed out and bundled together. Just be sure to get the correct bundles and paperwork to the correct post office. I separate them into different trays or boxes to be sure I don't get them mixed up along the way.

2. Walk in the front door and hand them to the clerk over the counter. You do not go to the back where bulk mail is received!

3. I recommend you pay by check at the counter. They will check in your order and confirm the amount to receive it and provide you with a receipt. If there is anything obviously wrong with your order or your bundling they would normally tell you at this time so this is a final safety net.

That's it! You completed your first EDDM retail Gospel Postcard Evangelism mailing!

You just planted seed for the coming harvest of souls while helping to build the Kingdom of God on earth. I always sense peace and joy that the effort is never in vain. His Word will not return to Him void, it will accomplish what He sent it to do. If only one soul comes to repentance, faith and new birth - what a joy to be a part of that eternal gift from God! What is a soul worth? Certainly all I have and all the time I have to get the "Good News" into their hands and heart.

Blessings! May we leap together with joy and exuberant praise to our Lord Jesus Christ on that Day when He reveals the fruit of our labor in Him.

Be sure to let us know how your EDDM experience went. If you have feedback or further questions feel free to Contact!